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3GSM rebrands as ‘mobile world congress’

Mobile World Congress Logo

 Last week it was announced that Europe’s largest mobile industry show will change its name and branding from 3GSM World Congress to the Mobile World Congress starting with the annual February 2008 show in Barcelona. Concurrently, the 3GSM World Congress Asia will be renamed Mobile Asia Congress.  From the press release it states:

<blockquote> “Both the GSMA and the Congresses are focused on helping operators use the potent platform provided by today’s highly-capable and extensive mobile networks to better serve the many needs and desires of this industry’s almost 3 billion customers,” said Rob Conway, CEO of the GSMA, which owns both the Barcelona and Macau events. “Attracting visitors from the information technology, entertainment and financial services industries, as well as the mobile industry, the Congresses provide forums for the cross-pollination of services, ideas and business models.”</blockquote>

And of course some comments from the industry-at-large:

<blockquote>(From the Register) The 3GSM World Congress has renamed itself the Mobile World Show, hoping to attract a more sexy media crowd than the middle-aged telecoms executives who usually frequent the place.</blockquote>

So what does this mean? It feels like a label change to tie the two events together, and to get away from the acronym 3GSM which is not known in all countries and is a bit technical and limiting. Will the change in branding and possible repositioning change the attendees and content of the show? I look forward to seeing how the event shapes up in the next several months.

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