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iPhone hype or hope?


The launch was record breaking. Within the first quarter, the company reported profit of $1.75 billion on sales of $9.42 billion. Excluding one-time items, per-share earnings were 30 cents — beating 28 cents on sales of $9.21 billion expected by analysts. From an original review on its record-breaking sales: 

“Noted by industry experts as a game-changing feat of design and engineering … The mobile handset’s radical and revolutionary design transformed consumer’s expectations for how a mobile handset should look and feel.” 

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from microsoft to macworld

No matter how prepared you might be, even the second time around, meeting Bill Gates is quite a thrill. In December, I was re-invited to an intimate event at Microsoft – 9 individuals sitting around with Bill Gates in the Executive Briefing Center.

Mix n Mash 2007

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mobile advertising salon style

Last night a group of ‘mobile enthusiasts’ met at the gotomedia loft for an evening of discussion focused on mobile advertising. Attendees included Rudy De Waele, Mike Rowehl, Raj Singh, Paul Smith and others. Some interesting themes were raised, along with an overall sense of where we are today and where we might be heading in the near future. Here are some notes and comments from the event. Some of our initial questions:

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Mobile Advertising Redux

So I’ve spent the last year playing with a variety of different mobile ad networks and I’ve discovered quite a few interesting things which I will share below:

1. There is definitely money here – Whether it be traditional WAP text ads or even SMS ads, there is money that I am making and the eCPMs have been good. With self-service WAP ads, I’ve been getting between $1-$6 and with sponsored ads, I’ve seen ad sales upwards of $15. That being said, there was definitely some initial promises of CPMs in the $30-40 etc range; however, I think this as a % of the inventory has definitely scaled down to less than 5% – the majority of the inventory is under $10.

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mobile 2.0 fireside chat

A gathering of mobile noteables at the Mobile 2.0 Event here in San Francisco today are engaging in a very thought provoking conversation. Here are some notes, taken during the session. Moderated by Tony Fish, on the panel is Patrick McVeigh (CEO of SoonR), Russ McGuire (Sprint), Jean Marc Frangos (BT Group) and Russ Daniels (HP Web Services). Here are the main takeaways as stated by Tony Fish at the end of the discussion:

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Life Flash *

olpc - babyproof?

olpc - babyproof?Conducting baby usability on the OLPC. At 5 months old, our daughter enjoys playing with the web cam recording and has even figured out how to play the videos back. Although the target market is a ‘teeny’ bit older that this – the UI does need a bit of help.

pay by phone fun

pay by phone fun

Parking in san francisco is behind the times – today I noticed a pay
by phone pilot program – at first glance pretty confusing.

mix n mash photo

mix n mash photoTaking and transferring a photo from camera to surface is instantaneous! Can order prints and send immediately. While not ‘quite at star trek yet…’ they say the have come a long way.  Just stated: ’design’ is two words ‘de-sign’ which means get rid of signage and text to convey simplicity of user experience. Interesting perspective.